Project meeting in Thessaloniki

Pointing out specifics and main characteristics of Work Based Basic Skills (WBBS) was a main focus at the 3rd transnational partner meeting of PROFI-TRAIN. Developing a professionalisation concept for WBBS the PROFI-TRAIN partnership agreed on main characteristics.

In the WBBS-process four functions are needed:

  • Door opening
  • Requirement Analyses
  • Training Implementation
  • Process Monitoring

WBBS-training follows the concept of Situated Learning

  • Learning is focused on action situations in the workplace with (new) requirements and with impact on employee and employer
  • Real learning environment allows to work on realistic challenges and authentic situations
  • WBBS-training is a process oriented learning offer
  • An important principle for trainers ist o be open minded and flexible

WBBS-training ensures the learning-trainsfer

  • WBBS promotes useful learning
  • WBBS is outcome-oriented